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Meetings 2014

Ph+ CML: From Stem Cell Eradication to Cure

Date:  3rd to 4th July 2014

Venue:  Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen, Vienna, Austria

In July 2014 the workshop entitled Ph+ CML: From Stem Cell Eradication to Cure‘ took place in Vienna. The meeting was a Joint-meeting of the Vienna Cancer Stem Cell Club, Ludwig Boltzmann Cluster Oncology (LBC ONC) and SFB F47 dedicated to Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and Ph+ CML in Vienna, Austria. A number of international and national experts as well as LBC ONC members were attending and presented their published and unpublished data at this meeting.

During the first day and session, an overview about the current status of TKI treatment of CML patients was given and also the role of tryptase as a biomarker in CML was discussed. The session was closed by a fruitful discussion on how novel drugs can be included in addition to the favorable long-term effects of the available BCR-ABL1 TKI. The second half of the day was focusing on CML leukemic stem cells (LSC) and how to target these cells. An overview about LSC biology and various strategies how to target LSC by suitable targeted drugs was presented by Prof. Valent from Vienna and Dr. Copland from Glasgow.

The second day of this workshop was focusing on planned and ongoing clinical studies using LSC‐eradicating drugs, including planned TKI discontinuation studies in CML. Moreover, novel therapeutic concepts such as immunotherapy in CML were presented and discussed. The workshop was closed by interesting discussions about TKI side effects, including effects on metabolic and vascular systems in CML patients.


Mastozytose Tag

Date:  12th December 2014

Venue:  General Hospital Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Members of the LBC ONC and the Medical University of Vienna have organized a patients’ day on mastocytosis with the aim to bring together people who suffer from this rare disease. The aim of the “Mastozytose Tag 2014” was to inform patients and their relatives about new developments in the field of diagnosis, monitoring and therapy of mastocytosis. In addition, patients could interact and exchange experiences about living with mastocytosis. The LBC ONC has a strong interest in mast cell neoplasms and is tightly connected to doctors and scientists of the Medical University of Vienna. This cooperation strengthens the translational aspect of the LBC ONC and its bed-to-bench-and-back approach.

Members of the mastocytosis of the self-support group were vital in the preparation of the meeting and have organized a round table with experts working in mastocytosis research where patients were able to ask questions and interact with the doctors and scientists. Prof. Valent (LBC ONC/MedUni Vienna) and Prof. Wimazal (MedUni Vienna) would like to thank all patients for vivid and interesting interactions during the “Mastozytose Tag 2014”.