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14 Nov 2019 by lbiho

Thomas Grunt received Asclepius-Award

Thomas Grunt, Deputy Scientific Coordinator of the LBI HO, is Principal Investigator of an award-winning project that aims to elucidate the causal mechanisms of the anticancer effects of compounds that interfere with the cancer cell machinery for production new lipids.

Whereas it has been well known that the blockade of fatty acid synthase (FASN), the key lipogenic enzyme, severely affects cancer cell metabolism and leads to death of the malignant cells, it was not clear, which of the many different reactions elicited by pharmacological inhibitors of FASN are essential for the anticancer effect and which are only side effects or even compensatory releif responses. In this project Thomas Grunt and his team could demonstrate that disruption of cell metabolism is only secondary consequence of the drug action, whereas deterioration of membrane compartments is the causal mechanism of the anticancer effect.

The Asclepius Award is presented once a year as part of the World Congress on Advances in Oncology & International Symposium on Molecular Medicine and honors the best presentations of the event. The congress is organized by Spandidos Publications and the award is also granted by the publisher (www.spandidos-publications.com).