26 Apr 2019 by lbiho

KickOff Meeting – The Children’s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) Joins as a New Partner in the LBI HO

On April 24th 2019 the KickOff Meeting was held to welcome The Children’s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) as the new partner in the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Hematology and Oncology (LBI HO).

The year 2019 marks the 11th year since LBI HO, previously known as Ludwig Boltzmann Cluster Oncology (LBI ONC) was established, with the general aim to improve the treatment of hematopoietic neoplasms by identification, targeting and eradication of cancer-initiating and disease-propagating cells, also known as leukemic stem cells in the context of hematologic malignancies. CCRI has been founded in 1988 with the focus on basic, translational and clinical research, as well as improvement of diagnostic and prognostic methods and immunological therapies in childhood cancers.

The new partnership between LBI HO and CCRI will provide a unique platform for further strengthening of collaboration efforts and development of joint projects. Following the welcome notes from Mag. Caludia Lingner, Head of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, Prof. Wolfgang Holter, Head of the CCRI, and Prof. Peter Valent, Director of LBI HO, the program opened with the presentations of the mission, project lines and perspectives for LBI HO and CCRI by Prof. Peter Valent and Prof. Thomas Lion. The meeting continued with scientific presentations held by group leaders, senior scientists and PhD students from the two research institutions, followed by fruitful discussions on future potential for collaborations and further research development. The topics included uncovering resistance mechanisms in myeloid neoplasms, age-related clonal hematopoiesis in the context of cancer, immunotherapeutic approaches for cancer treatment, cancer stem cell characterization and target discovery as well as treatment effects on clonal dynamics of complex cancers. The meeting was accompanied by a social event aimed at networking and continuation of scientific discussion.